Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Yard Work

I decided to do some yard work this past weekend, which for me, is a big deal. Living in a city for the past 12+ years has prevented me from doing such activity. To be honest, when I lived closer to nature, I was never a big fan of taking care of it - illustrated by how quickly the lawn care business inherited from my brother (when I was in junior high school) collapsed after he left. alas.
My motivation for outdoor activity was a large shrub next to my driveway - actually it was more like IN my driveway. I could not pull in or out without driving my car through it. I bought a pair of sheers. I am told most Samoans use a machete to trim the shrubs, but I thought that was a bit too butch for me. I enjoyed myself so much that I attempted to tackle the backyard as well. I was able to clear my a patio area out. At first I thought I had some large tropical plant in my back yard, but upon further review, I think it is just a really, really big weed that has turned into a plant. I am a little nervous that Little Shop of Horrors will replay in my back yard and this large weed will come after me. I think I will just stay indoors.
Before & After - the difference looks more impressive in person
The Backyard
I did not know I had a table and chair before...

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