Monday, September 11, 2006

Single in Samoa

After my recent birthday, I am now 31 years old - and single. Which I am fine with, but it appears to be a horrible circumstance in American Samoa. The other day Sean and I were talking to a number of kids (11-13 years old). They asked Sean's age (29) and told him that he could be married. Sean told them in fact he was married, and they were very happy. They asked me my age and then asked if I was married. I said no. I have not seen such a look of horror on little children in a long time - it was like I told them Santa was dead. At first I thought it was just the group of children, however, it happened again. An old lady (and her family) stopped by house to sell me some housewares (fine mats and such - the concept of the fine mat in Samoa is for another posting). I told her that I wasn't interested. She asked if I had a wife, I said no. She looked at me like I had some horrible disease, she smiled and quickly ran back to her family and their truck and drove away. True story, I swear. My Samoan co-works also asked me if I wanted to be fixed up with a nice Samoan girl on my second day at work. I politely declined.

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