Sunday, September 17, 2006

Saturday's Beach

Went to another beach over the weekend. The beach is located in Pago Pago Harbor - the harbor is very large and almost divides the island in half - look at a map to get a sense of it. All along the main road, there are places to stop and go into the ocean. However, some places are cleaner then others - I would not suggest swimming near the port or the tuna canneries, yuck. The beach we went to is not that big, actually, during high tide the beach disappeared. I decided to go snorkeling again. Thankfully, because we are in the harbor area, no large currents (or an ava - as the Samoans say) existed, so no risk of being swept out to sea. We went out a good distance and saw a ton of fish - all different kinds. The highlight was seeing a sea turtle - totally outstanding. The guy was very large and was just walking on the bottom chilling out.
The Beach

The Water, duh.

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