Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trip To Ofu, Part I

Over the labor day weekend, a group of palagi (samoan for off-islanders) went to the island of Ofu. Ofu is another island in the Samoan island chain - part of the Manu'a Islands. The Manu'a Islands - Ofu, Olosega and Ta'u are about 60 miles from Tutuila (the main American Samoan island where I live). Ofu has about 200 people (at the most). We stayed at the Vaoto Lodge - basically the only place to stay on the island. It is run by Marge and Tito. Tito is Samoan and Marge married Tito during WWII - they moved to Samoa roughly 30 years ago - check out the website - http://www.vaotolodge.com/ - I strongly recommend a visit - I am already figuring out when I can go back to Ofu. I'll posted more details about the trip.
The photo above shows Ofu and Olosega islands - Ofu is on the left. The islands are connected by a bridge. Below is the group of 12 and Marge on the left; sunset at Ofu and our private beach for the weekend.

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