Monday, September 11, 2006

Westward Ho

This past Saturday, Sean, Jessi (his wife) and Jayden (their kid) and I were planning on going to a "private beach" with newly made friends of Sean and Jessi. Most of the beaches are "private" in the sense that they are either part of a village or some one's front yard - and it normally requires one to ask permission before using it. Some beaches, like the one we wanted to go to are more restrictive. Anyway, when we got to the meeting point, we were told that too many people were going and we basically got bumped. ouch.
So, we decided to find our own beach, thank you very much. We drove to the Western part of the island. While the island is relatively small - something like 25 miles long - it still feels long because the roads are really windy and everyone goes 20 - 30 mph. We drove for about 45 minutes and found a nice stretch of beach. We found the closest house and rang the bell and asked permission to swim. It was granted. yeah. The beach was nice, but the water was a little shallow and soon low tide arrived. I wasn't too upset about the depth of the water after last weekend's adventure. The kiddie pool is fine with me.

A picture of our beach - a little cloudy due to the moisture on the camera - oops!

After awhile, we decided to keep driving west. We went through a number of neat villages, which felt very different from the big city of Pago Pago. We also went pretty far up on the island and then back down - I was glad I was not driving. Due to the geography of Tutuila, the main road (or any road for that matter) circles the island. At one point, the road simply ends in a village. We snapped some photos and head backed home.

The end of the road, or I guess the start of it...

The actual end of the road.

We stopped at another village and chatted with some locals. Everyone is soo friendly. Near home the Colletti's bought me ice cream. Chocolate Chip - it was great and only fifty cents. sweet.

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