Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trip to Ofu, Part IV - Final Thoughts

Besides nearly drowning (see last post) I had a great time on Ofu. I plan on going back. If anyone visits, I will try to take you to Ofu. Enjoy these photos.

Taking off from Ofu. The Island of Ta'u in the distance
More of Ofu and the bridge between the Ofu and Olosega Islands
A nice beach next to the bridge - very clear water

Tutuila Island -

The main island of American Samoa and my home

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Brian said...

If you think Weaver's blog is cool, you should all check out Fickle Fascinations. Oh wait...it no longer exists. Seriously Weaver, I can't believe you bag on me for having a blog to the point that I take it down (much to the dismay of its fans and loyal readers), only to start your own. This reeks of bad faith and unfair competitive tactics...