Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Trip to Ofu, Part II - The Plane, The Plane

Getting to Ofu is not that easy. In theory Inter Island Airways have flights every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday - but they only have two planes, and they tend to need repairing on a regular basis - also the weather is a factor. For example, we almost got stuck on Ofu on Monday because the airlines said that they were not running the planes to Ofu either because of the electrical issues or weather - they couldn't figure out which one. We had to make some phone calls and put pressure on the airline to fly us home. We took the small plane to Ofu and the "larger" plane back - the larger one holds about 18. I thought the aircraft was small, but that was nothing once we saw the runway. Yikes - what a flight.

The small plane to Ofu - outside and inside.
The Ofu Airport - security was not that tight. But we did have to get weighed in.

The airstrip of Ofu - you can see it over the pilots shoulder.
Basically a strip of land between the water.

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