Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Dew

I decided that I needed a haircut. At first I thought that I would just let it grow out like I did on Semester at Sea. I also did not want to "cheat" on Tammy, my stylist in Chicago (not sure if stylist is the right word, but barber doesn't sound right and the lady that cuts my hair doesn't convey the strong bond we have developed). However, I realized that long hair plus heat does not make an enjoyable environment. So, I decided to cut my hair, sorry Tammy. The next step was to find a place. My neighbors recommend Muumuu - not a large piece of cloth worn by our larger friends, but an actual person. I went to her place near work. She was extremely friendly, as was her Auntie, who just smiled and watched as I got my hair cut. If it was not Samoa, I would think it was a little creepy.
I sat down and tried to tell her what I wanted. She chuckled, stated that I must have gotten this hair cut off island, and grabbed her electric shears. I grabbed the sides of the chair and held my breath. I had a vision of her turning the blades on me a shaving all my hair off. yikes. She didn't. Thank goodness. She was very fast - her usage of a comb and electric shear is a sight to see. She did use scissors at one point, but I think it was for my benefit because she might have sensed that using electric shears the entire time is not my usual m.o.
When she was done cutting, Muumuu began to style my hair. This is were the real fun began. First, she got a huge pile of mouse in her hand and flopped it on my hair. I did not have much hair left, so she struggled a bit in getting it all in. However, it seemed that the first pile was not enough, so she created a another huge pile of mouse and somehow blended it into my hair. She gave me what she called "The Executive" which was the professional court look. Not too bad. I thought that I was done, but as a finishing touch, she sprayed a half can of hair spray into my hair. The total bill was only $10 - a reasonable price for Samoa. I did enjoy my time with Muumuu, and will most likely go back, but do miss Tammy.
By the way, the next morning after my haircut, I woke up and my hair had not moved - still had "The Executive" ready for another day. I think I have to wash my pillow now.

"The Executive"

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