Sunday, September 24, 2006

The Magic of Brunch

It rained all Saturday - no lie all day - okay, I think it stopped for two hours in the afternoon. The rain is not like the little drops we get back in the states - it is like someone dumping a bucket of water - for hours and hours. While fun to watch, but it limits island activities. We were suppose to go to palagi beach - named because it is a hike from the road and only palagis go to the beach - silly palagis - but the rain prevented us from going. It made me sad. I did go to over to my neighbors that night. (Fred and Niki Castro - no relation to the Cuban dictator or valiant protector of the Cubans from US oppression, depending on your point of view). Fred made pina coladas - very tasty. Other palagis showed up and we had a nice Saturday night. good times. They actually got up on Sunday at 5:30 am to watch the Pittsburgh Steelers play football over at a friend's place - live kick off was at 6 am Samoa time. yikes. I declined the invitation.

Instead, I went to to brunch with my friends Sharon and Jonas at Deluxe Cafe - while Deluxe is no Luna in DC or Nookies in Chicago, it is not bad for Samoa. I ordered Apple Juice and I got this strange looking beverage that looked like Coke, with a cherry and ice in it. It tasted like Apple Juice, but with an extra something. We never figured out the extra kick, but we determined it was probably not that harmful. We spend close to three hours at Deluxe and I felt really refreshed after brunch - the magic of brunch. I came home and even cleaned the house. Cleaning is a bit of an uphill struggle because once a good wind comes along, it blows more junk into the house. oh well, at least I got brunch today. yum. And it finally stopped raining!

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