Monday, September 11, 2006

An Argentine Barbque

Saturday night, I went to the Argentine's house for a Barbecue. The "Argentines" refers to a large family that has lived on the island for a number of years. I am still trying to figure out the family tree. Great people. Regardless, it seems they won the indoor soccer championship (yeah, I guess we have indoor soccer in Samoa, who knew), received a very large trophy - like really big - and a bunch of beer. So why not have a party. They also have an amazing setup - built in barbecue, a great deck and even a dance floor, if one is so inclined.

A good time had by all - however, a word of caution - San Miguel Beer - while the pride of the Philippines - is not something you should drink in a large quantity (or even in moderate quantity) for it does not provide a smooth day after. However, it is necessary to drink many bottles, because for some reason San Miguel tastes better after a number of bottles. Hmmm.

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