Sunday, September 17, 2006

Drive to Work

As I mentioned before, the drive from home to work is seven miles and can take between 15 and 40 minutes - depending on traffic, or based on the slowest driver on the road. One slow guy can tie of traffic for half the island. The roads are very curvy and we do not really have a spot to pass, even though some do, yikes. Here are some photos on the drive to work. The photos were taken by Sean - it is not wise to drive and snap photos at the same time. I should mention that the photos were taken from a moving vehicle and they turned out very nice - good job Sean.
My morning cup of coffee

Rainmaker Mountain
A big Mountain that causes a lot of rain on the West Side of the Island, where I live. Not sure why it does it, must be something scientific or something like that.
A ship - hopefully with supplies, or at least fresh fruit.

Good times.
A now for some random shots...
I think she is running for Congress, or something like that. It was hard to figure out in a moving vehicle, even going 20 mph.

Public Transport in Samoa - 50 cents a ride.
Worth every cent. I think the CTA buses are just one step above these....
Driving with a smashed windshield is not as bad as one thinks, but rights turns can be a little hairy - major blindspot - just have to look down a little. Rumor is that the windshield might arrive by next week, keep your fingers crossed.
The Harbor area - not as pretty as the other photos.

The Fono - The Samoan Legislative Branch.
Forgot to take a picture of the High Court, oops.

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