Sunday, November 12, 2006

Veteran's Day Weekend

Am. Sam. celebrated a three day weekend in honor of Veteran's Day. Unlike Columbus Day, I understand why Am. Sam. celebrates Veteran's Day - American Samoa has an enlistment rate higher per capita then any other state or territory. At least 20% of the population are veterans. An amazing stat when the population is only 65,000 people.

Having no work on Friday, a group decided to go to the beach. What else do you do on a tropical island? We went to Sa'ilele on the eastern side of the island. You have to cross the middle of the island, which means a pretty steep drive up hill and then a quick decent. The area was beautiful. Instead of trying to describe it, just look at the photos....

After some fun in the sun, we went to Tisa's Barefoot Bar. An institution in Samoa, at least for the palagis. It is a bar built right on the ocean - great views and they have the best pina colada's on the island. They are good, but to be honest, they don't have a lot of competition. That night I had some people over and we had an impromptu poker game - Texas Hold'em. Sadly, I did not fair very well - went out holding three sevens, losing to a flush, so at least I went down fighting. The other players did not support my humble suggestion of letting the host (me) win or at least giving the house a percentage of the winnings. rats. Fred Castro was the big winner as well as the Argentine's 14 year old cousin. There is no shame in losing to a 14 year old, right? Don't worry, we did not corrupt a minor.

The next day we went to the western side of the island to the village of Leone. One of the Assistant Attorney Generals, Don Pitzer, was leaving the island for good and he had a couple people over to his backyard. I must say that his backyard is one of the coolest backyards ever. No pictures, so I will have to describe it - a lava field that encloses part of the ocean. A nice swimming spot - deep water without sharp coral.

That night was another barbecue - a regular Saturday night activity - but this one was a little special. In addition to Don's farewell, it was a four person birthday party. Jeff (Nov 13), Mary (Nov 14), and Fred and Niki (Nov 15 - they are married and have the same birthday - spooky). I think almost the entire palagi community (as well as a bunch of Samoans) attended the party. A ton of food and great times had by all.

Some of the Party People
The Food - Round 1

Ed - one of the "tame" wild dogs of the neighborhood. I think she ate too much.
Ryan going for Round 2 - Pumpkin Pie
Birthday Boy Jeff on air guitar. He sounds really good.

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