Sunday, November 26, 2006

Castro's Beach

Another Saturday, another beach. Tough life. This was the closest I have gotten to an actual beach on Am. Sam. Fred & Niki Castro found the beach while driving on the eastside a few days ago (hence Castro's Beach). We decided to check it out on Saturday. The beach was relatively big and had a couple of trees for shade. The water was super clear, but pretty shallow. However, we found a little hole that allowed us to lay in the water. Not too bad of a way to spend a Saturday.

You can see the island of Aunu'u in the distance.

We did hit one snag. Fred though it would be a good idea to drive the car down on to the beach, so we could listen to some music - no one thought to bring a radio. Well, the car quickly got stuck in the sand. Oops. The Samoans living across the street starting yelling us to get the car off the beach. They though we were a bunch of drunk Samoans joy riding on the beach. I apologized, said we were trying to turn around, and went to far into the sad. Stupid palagis. The anger turned to the Samoan helpfulness. They quickly brought chains over and Ruth's little car that could was able to pull the SUV out of the sand. crisis averted. A stop by at Tisa's was necessary after all of the excitement.

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