Sunday, November 26, 2006

A Tropical Thanksgiving

Jeff & Meredith hosted our palagi family Thanksgiving. Special shout out to them for hosting. Thanks a ton. They had about twenty people for a pot-luck Thanksgiving dinner. Everyone brought something, the food was really good, and everyone ate a ton. It was the first time that the American & Samoa really came together for me - we celebrated the American holiday of Thanksgiving and ate like a Samoa. It was a really great day. I think we all realized that this is our family in Am. Sam. and it is a pretty cool family and we are all thankful for that.

The food...
My vat of cheesy potatoes. hmmm. cheesy po-ta-toes. It was basically gone by the end of the night.

Jeff & Meredith cooked two turkeys. Before & After shots.

Master Carver Jeff.
The white glove is not his ode to Michael Jackson,
but due to an earlier broken glass incident. Safety first!
This was my first Thanksgiving near the equator -
a little warm in house after all that cooking.

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