Sunday, November 05, 2006

Remember when you were Six?

Jaydn had a birthday party on Saturday to celebrate turning six. The official day is Thursday, but I support Jaydn in milking the celebrations as long as possible - how many times does one turn six? Not many. Jaydn had the party at the beach, where else would you have one in Samoa? Sadly, for the first 45 minutes it was pouring rain. I thought we might just celebrate in each others cars, but I would have been at the short end of the stick - the other cars had food, I just had the balloons. While festive, balloons don't really taste that good. And that many balloons sort of stink up the place.

It eventually stopped raining and turned into a beautiful day.

Jaydn made out pretty good - three different cakes and two types of ice cream. sweet. Also racked up in the gift department. Nice going buddy. The green turtles also made an appearance which was a nice birthday bonus.

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