Sunday, November 12, 2006

American Samoa - The Musical

In the last month, a number of people have permanently left the island, which is strange experience. I am learning the island is on a cycle, and every couple of months, people go and new people arrive. The vibe of the palagi community is always changing. On that note, I am pleased to announce that I am no longer "the new guy" on the island. Ruth, a new public defender, arrived at the end of the last month and she has officially taken the title. By the time I leave in August, I might be one of "the old guys" on the island. yikes.

While each palagi who leaves makes a unique mark on the palagi community, one of the most recent departures, Don Pitizer, an Assistant AG, left a song. I thought I should share the lyrics. You might not get it, but it is funny for us on the island.

"Movin' to Samoa"

Moving to Samoa, out in the sea
Aulelei teine anywhere that you be,
Drinking some Vailima, buy it by the pail,
But don't drink too much, you'll end up in the jail!
Moving to Samoa, get you a truck
The locals are smiling, even down on their luck
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love,
Moving to Samoa, how happy you would be
Moving to Samoa with me.
Going up to Tisa's, see Candyman,
A frozen concoction, he'll put it in your hand,
Go for swim and put on your shades,
Not a bad way to spend the day!
Going up to Tisa's, get some swordfish or beef,
But watch out be careful if you swim on that reef,
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love,
Going up to Tisa's, how happy you would be,
Going up to Tisa's with me.
Ofu Jimmy, now he is the man,
Living on an island, he's got the plan,
Living on Ofu can't be that hard,
He's got paradise in his front yard!
Ofu Jimmy, now he's got the life,
He ain't got no worries and he ain't got no strife,
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love,
Hang with Ofu Jimmy, how happy you would be,
To hand with Ofu Jimmy and me.
Breadfruit and Taro anytime that you wish,
They got palolo and oka and all kinds of fish,
Palusami and sashimi, they got it by the plate,
But the whole family's coming, so don't be late!
Hotdogs and chicken on the barbeque,
A dolap of rice and a case of wahoo,
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love,
Eating in Samoa, how happy you would be,
Eating in Samoa with me.
Wear a lavalava, its kinda like a skirt,
But don't lift it up or you just might get hurt,
Showing off your muli, now that ain't cool,
They'll take the bottle to you if you're acting the fool!
Ofutino ma le ofuvae, an 'ie faitaga don't wear it too high,
Blue skies up above, everyone's in love,
Wear a lavalava, how happy you would be,
Wear a lavalava with me.
Moving to Samoa
Beautiful Samoa
Tropical Samoa
WITH ME!!!!!!

Pitzer in his last live performance on the island.

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