Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Magic Circus of Samoa

The Magic Circus of Samoa has come to town. Yes, you read correctly, a circus came to Am. Sam. Sure, we might not be able to get lettuce on a regular basis, but a circus we got that. The Magic Circus tours the South Pacific delighting children (and many adults) everywhere it goes. The circus set up shop in Lion's Park, basically across the street from where I live, just a short walk to the magic. sweet. The Magic Circus is aptly named, it is pure magic. Or, perhaps after three months on the island, my concept of entertainment has dropped considerably. It does have "fun games" and cotton candy. It was a good time had by all. Even the palagi village mascot - Ed the dog showed up. Not sure how she found us under the big top, but she sat right under us. Way to go Ed. For the story on Ed, check out The Magic Circus was hosted by Bruno, the ringmaster:The Circus had jugglers -
Acts of balance. The photo is not upside down, she is standing on her head. ouch. This guy, the only Solomon Island circus performer, also made my cotton candy. Bruno puts these guys to work. yikes. A lady who loves the hula-hoop. A serious game of double dutch, that got a little tricky. Um, not sure what this is, but had to post it. A Samoan midget dressed as Elvis. He sang to the smallest circus performer in the South Pacific as she balanced on some rings. Another head balancer. A little blurry, but she is on her head, spinning four rings on each appendage. How do you figure out you can do that in the first place? Being in Samoa, they also had a little Samoan dancing before the intermission. During intermission, the Samoan children around us noticed that we had cameras. They asked us to take pictures of them. They really did not care to ever get the photo or even see the photo in the digital viewer, but they sure loved to get their photo taken. After awhile, some of us joined in as well. The second act included...
Fire spinners. Tightrope walkers.

One guy even rode a bike across. Bruno said no flash photography, so no photo, but he made it across, and then back again. The next act was a "quick change" act - it was so boring that it is not worth it to post what she changed into. Not all her fault, how do you follow a guy who rides a bike across a tightrope?Fun with fabric.A couple guys riding different unicycles. Rico, master juggler and the best facial expressions ever (not shown here). A lady spinning on a rope.Ice skating - the fact that that much ice existed in Samoa more than the actual ice skating was the real magic. Much debate rages in the palagi community if it was actually ice...Next was the worst magician ever. When he did the levitate milk upside down in a glass, the milk started to spill out. oops. The last performance was the Globe of Death. Two motorcyclists spun around the metal cage really, really fast. Please note the man holding the rope keeping the door closed - ah, Samoa. Now that is a Magic Circus.

Hope you enjoyed the show and as Bruno says "May all your days be circus days"


Elizabeth said...

Wah! How did I miss both the Fafafine Pangent AND the Samoan Circus. Drats.

Nice pics.

Elizabeth (Liz)

Anonymous said...

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