Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Surprise, Goodbye & The Rock

Even after the Dance Party - I had a busy weekend. On Saturday, Sean hosted a surprise party for Jessi cause it was her birthday. Happy Birthday Jessi! After the surprise party, I went to Jeff & Mer's so we could say goodbye to Samoan Steve - doesn't he sort of look like Judd Nelson? He is leaving for Hawaii for a new job. He should be back in six months, but that is a lifetime in Am Sam - or at least half a contract for a law clerk. On Sunday, after brunch at Deluxe Cafe (perhaps the fourth Sunday in a row), a group of us went to Sliding Rock. The walk over is pretty cool.Unlike last time I went, it was low tide, so it the pool was nice and calm. However, every once and awhile a major wave would crash into the pool and push us around. It was really cool. This one Samoan kid was running on the (slippery) lava and jumping into the pool. CRAZY!

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