Monday, October 16, 2006

Sliding Rock - American Samoa Style

This Saturday's adventure took us to an area called Sliding Rock. It is a large lava field right on the ocean. Nature carved out some pools where you can swim and look at the fish. I am told that the pools are normally protected by the crashing waves, but we went during high tide and at the start of a storm. No protection, but some neat views of nature.

The pool is located on the right side of the photo and the waves would crash in front of the large lava mound in the center of the photo.
We did go swimming in the pool. Stupid palagis. A wave would crash over into the far end of the pool and the current would really push you. It was cool feeling, but one that we only did a few times - some of the waves got really big, and none of us wanted to be taken out to sea.

Unlike the sliding rock area in Indy Samoa, I didn't really figure out why it was called sliding rock. However, after both Sean and I fell on the slippery algae covered rocks, I figured out the full name of the place - sliding (onto your butt) rocks. I now have matching bruises on my bottom from the two Samoan sliding rock places, thanks Samoa! Of course, the day ended with dollar ice cream. Might be the best part of the day.
Jessi dreaming the day away as the waves crash.

Disclaimer: I forgot my camera, so all photos taken by Coletti clan. No reproduction of images without express written permission from Coletti clan. All rights reserved.

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Sean Coletti said...

MIke- you're so funny. I didn't know before reading this that i could "Deam" the day away. Hee hee...Jessi