Thursday, August 02, 2007

Happy Birthday New Guy

New Guy is not so "new" after celebrating a birthday on Wednesday. To celebrate, a bunch of us took him out to the Equator Restaurant ("Where North meets South") for dinner. It is suppose to be one of the better places on the island - but a "better" place doesn't mean much in Am Sam. However, we were all pleasantly surprised at the quality of the food. It was delicious. As it was a formal event, Nate wore is fancy safari suit. Go Bills! Not sure if Nate and Niki should stand that close together. After dinner we went back to my place for pie and drinks. New Guy brought over some Bailey's type of liquor that he got free with purchase from the local liquor store. Sadly, it had solidified. We realized why it was free. The pie was better, but New Guy wasn't able to blow out his candles, because The Lady Naomi walked the pie with burning candles in front of the fan. So I guess the fan got the wish this year. However, I think New Guy's birthday wish did come true cause I was able to secure him the Hinder tour shirt. He really wanted it.For those of you who don't know, Hinder is New Guy's all time favorite band. Lucky for New Guy (and really all of us) the local radio station plays Hinder songs ALL the time. If you miss it, don't worry they will play it again in like ten minutes. In case Hinder is not as big outside Am Sam, which would be shocking, here is the video for New Guy's favorite Hinder song - Lips of an Angel. The lyrics are pure magic.


stadtler said...

Is that a "suit" or a kid's beadsheet with some arm holes??

Megan said...

Wow...that's a horrendous outfit. I'm sure Aaron LOOOOOOVES the shirt. I celebrated Aaron's birthday in the Demolition Derby. Yeehaw.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Fast posting and nice pictures!
I love how your post paints me as the evil party ruiner while you look like the savior of the day. Nice journalistic license. I'm going to be upset if I don't see that Hinder shirt at the badger party tonight.
-The Lady