Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Sunday @ Airport Beach

New Guy took his folks to Airport Beach on their last day in Am Sam. Naomi and I tagged along.The sea was angry that day, so the blow holes were very active. It made the walk to the beach even more beautiful. We reached the beach during high tide, so we didn't have much beach to work with and had to walk through the water to get to it.But who cares. We snorkeled for a long time - I saw a ton of fish, including whole schools of fish that just swam right around me. Pretty awesome. It got a little cloudy and with the breeze, we were actually cold getting out of the water. Never thought I would be cold when it is 80 outside, but it is winter here. We walked back along the airport fence, which was a little overgrown. On our walk back, I was reminded why it is called Airport Beach. New Guy also got nailed by a blowhole wave, sadly I only got the end of it.We decided to stop at Maliu Mai Beach Resort for a drink and enjoy the great view. Another nice Sunday at the Beach.

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