Sunday, July 01, 2007

A Great Day

Friday was just one of those great days. In the morning, I finally finished this court opinion I had been working on forever. Then, the Court had a catered lunch. Lenna, the Court's Marshall retired on Friday after 30 years of service. They did his lunch right. Steak, chicken, AND shrimp, plus a baked potato and green beans. It was awesome. Like want to take a nap awesome. I was at work, so I didn't nap. Even better then lunch, I got 180 bucks. My avid blog readers might remember when my windshield was hit by a kid tossing rocks at my car back in September. To get it fixed, I had to cover the $250 deductible. After this happened, Lenna told me that he would try to talk to the family and have them cover the deductible - remember this is a small island - and Lenna knows everyone. As this was months ago, I sort of let it go. However, on Friday, he totally came through. Lenna was able to get 180 from the family. He offered to try and get the rest, but I told him not to bother cause the 180 is all bonus at this point - and he already went above and beyond his duty. After work, I played some golf with the Castros and New Guy. The weather was even more awesome then lunch and the cash. Nice breeze, no humidity and unlike most other golf outings, it did not rain. After golf, we went over to New Guy's place for a party. This Friday was also the day that we got our Vailima Challenge T-Shirts. Some of you might remember the challenge. I don't really remember it. The T-shirts came out really nice. The numbers equal the amount of Vailima each of us drank during the challenge. The party included some drinking games a bonfire, Jeff's Mad Scientist look, and as it was one of those nights - dancing. Looks like Sena tried to flip Gonzalo - it didn't work. Again, a Great Day.

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Megan said...

You all are ridiculous...but, I wish I was there and I kind of want one of those T-shirts.