Saturday, July 07, 2007


A few days ago we went to Aunu'u. It is tiny island (1.9 square miles) off the eastern coast of Tutuila (my island). You have to take a small boat to the island. There are perhaps two or three cars on the island. It is kinda great. We walked around the island for most of the day. Nice trails and decent beaches. We spent some time at Markus' private spa area. The water was a little rough, but still enjoyable. One of the highlights is the Pala Lake - or Quicksand Lake. It is aptly named. Sadly, we didn't make it to the Quicksand Lake - too much time at the beach. But we did see the Red Lake as well as the Ma'ama'a Cove. A beautiful, but potentially dangerous area. The waves can hit the cliffs and sweep away anyone too close. Bonnie was thinking about going in for a swim. For a minute, I thought we were in Ireland cause of the grass.The Art Shot - We did see an old ship wreck. At the end of the day, we swam in the harbor area. Surprisingly, it is really clean water. After Anun'u we went back to Tisa's Bar (I think New Guy's folks like that place - third day in a row they have gone for a visit). After Tisa's, eleven of us went to Hong Kong House for dinner. The eleven of us got the meal for four plus a dish of house chow mein. After the eleven of us had our fill of food - we still had leftovers. Can you say supersize me?

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