Monday, May 21, 2007

2007 Vailima Torpedo Challenge

File under: When stupid people do stupid things. Vailima is Samoa's Beer. It is actually the "Produce of Samoa" - that is not at typo - the label says it the Produce of Samoa, not a product. While it does rank above San Miguel, which doesn't say a lot, it does not taste that good. It is made in Indy Samoa, but they ship it to Am Sam - lucky us. As a special treat, the Indy Samoans ship to Am Sam a special export lager. It is 750 ml with 6.7% alcohol content - we call it a Torpedo aka a bad idea. A good Samoan can knock off a couple of these with no problem, while it can cause serious damage to palagis. For whatever reason, we decided that it would be a great idea for us to see how many we could drink in a night. It might be the worst idea we have ever, ever come up with. To met the challenge, each participant had to finish Five Torpedoes. We settled on a sunset to sunrise time period. We got six cases and went over to New Guy's for one crazy night. Now THAT is a Samoan beer fridge. Eight of us entered into the competition - Here is us at tip off time with Don as the official official. We decided that a nice game of "High - Low - Red - Black" would be a great idea to start off the night. For some it was, but for New Guy - it wasn't. He had no luck in picking the next card. I think the pictures describe it all. Fred was the first to finish - but as this was not a speed race, the speed caught up to Fred in the end. The rest of the night devolved quickly. Some call him the Mexican Tom Cruise. Here we are at hour five. The photos trail off at this point for obvious reasons. I called it a night - or at least my body called it a night - after I polished off Torpedo Number Six. Nate was the big "winner" finishing ten minutes before the sunrise deadline. New Guy and Nate were kind enough to wake me up at 7 am so I could witness the last slurp of Torpedo Number 10. Thanks guys. Minus Keyser, who actually might be the smartest one of the group, everyone completed the challenge. Everyone had a great time, even though the next morning was not the best. We also decided that his would be the last Vailima Challenge for a very, very long time. The final stats:
Nate - 10
Justin - 9
Aaron - 7
Fred - 7
Gonzo - 6
Weaver - 6
Maximo - 5 5/8
Keyser - 3 1/2


Aaron Masser said...

Bull shit! Vailima is way way worse than San Mig

Weaver said...

How many beer awards has San Mig won? None. Vailima - two - so it has to be better, beer awards don't lie.

stadtler said...

Whutttt? This is a no brainer, San Mig is far superior to Vailima.

A popular vote is way more important than some petty award, and at current count, it's two to one in favor of San Mig.

San Mig also won this.

...And they have a hoops team with 17 titles!

Samoa Joe said...

Hey...Looks like fun...Although, the last time I drank Vailima I lost my face in the toilet for three whole days...Check out my blog...

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