Sunday, April 22, 2007


For the past couple of weekends, we have had Noah's Ark rain.However, this past Saturday, it was perfect SloshBall weather.For those who forget the rules of Sloshball, a quick tutorial. The rules are just like baseball, except for second base. When you reach second base, you have to grab a beer. You are not able to put down the beer until you finish it. This includes when you are batting or fielding. If you make it to second base with your original beer, you now have two beers. Kim Keyser got MVP for playing with three beers. However, later in the game, her fielding started to suffer. Everyone enjoys the game, including Ed. We selected Adam and Mary (Nate's friends from off-island) as team captains. Mary's team started out with an early lead - 10 to 2. However, due to the nature of Sloshball, their skill level went down each inning. Adam's team was able to pull it out in the end, coming from behind in the last inning winning 18 to 16, or was it 17 to 16?We always have trouble with the score. Afterwards, we went to New Guy's place for a barbecue. Good times.


Elizabeth said...

Oh, man this looks like fun. Darn my schedule and these baby's always needing to be born and whatnot! I'd love to make the next game. I think it would be even crazier though if you played in the torrential rains, increasing the slosh factor.

The Commish said...

Great game man! I'd love to meet your 3 beer MVP.

We play a similar game.. we call ours Keg Softball. We've been at it for awhile now. You can check us out @

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