Monday, April 30, 2007

Ramily has Left the Island

Unfortunately, one of the Territory's favorite couples (Randy & Emily aka Ramily) had to leave the island in a hurry. Emily left last week, but Randy stayed an extra week to tie up loose ends. Over the weekend, we celebrated palagi style their time on the island. Friday night was a barbecue at New Guy's place. New Guy's sister and friend was also visiting for the week. The party included crabcakes (New Guy can cook), washooes, dancing and good times. While we are use to palagi style celebrations, it appears New Guy's friend is not. Editor's Note - I am told that this is not what it looks like and someone actually poured water on him for the photo. Like Fox News, I report, you decide. Saturday included a game of Sloshball - the Randy Nicholson Memorial Game and then Poker. I placed second that night, and was very close to winning. I was up against Gonzalo. I was big blind, with a 5 & 6 off suited, he called, so I checked to see the flop. It was a 7,8,9. Sweet, I flopped a straight. Gonzalo goes all in. I of course call. He shows a 9 & 4 - so he has a pair of 9s. The turn card is a 4 - okay, he has a pair of 9s and 4s. Still winning. The river card is a 9 - he beats me with a full house. No one could believe it. After that hand, my luck changed, and he knocked me out a few hands later. alas, at least I still got $60. Okay, so back to the weekend. **Friday & Saturday photos by Fred.**
Sunday night, before Randy's flight (and Ginny's flight who also left for good this weekend), Ruth had us over for dinner. She cooked a great lasagna, but all of us were still really sad. Miss you already Ramily!!!

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