Sunday, April 08, 2007

Nate is Older

We had a birthday party for Nate on Thursday. The official birthday was Wednesday, but we did not have work on Friday because "Good Friday" is a Samoan holiday. Yes, the government recognizes Good Friday as an official holiday, but that is another posting. Anyway, the Castros hosted the event. Fred cooked 15 pounds of chicken, which we promptly ate. This being Nate's birthday, it was necessary to "Roast" the birthday boy. In addition to material from his time in Am Sam including the Buffalo Bills safari suit, our "bromance" and his bathroom reading material (Harper's Bazaar), I was able to get in touch with his off-island girlfriend who gave us additional material including his obsession with Smurfs and the time when he was a small boy attending his mom's night class that he pooped his pants at the front of the room while some poor guy was giving a presentation. Ah Nate. The evening continued with weird karaoke by Fred, dancing and general merriment. Happy Birthday Buddy!

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