Monday, April 09, 2007

Happy Easter

Randy & Emily hosted an Easter brunch on Sunday for the palagi crew. They live in Coconut Point and might have the best front yard ever - not to be confused with the best backyard ever. They live in a western style home, steps from the beach.They also have a dedicated drink (aka beer) fridge. Not a bad rental. As with any holiday gathering we had a ton of food. Castros made a breakfast casserole, which is basically a Denny's grand slam breakfast in casserole form. Outstanding. Nate made his (now) famous red chili as well as introducing us to his green chili. New guy [Aaron] even made Eggs Benedict - which was impressive and really good. I baked and made banana, chocolate chip walnut muffins/bread. Of course we had a ton of fresh fruit thanks to Jeff & Meredith. The day was beautiful, with little rain. We got to paint Easter eggs. We did not hide them due to potential wild dogs and actual chickens, so we played other games instead. The traditional Easter game of bocce ball. You have two colored balls (like Easter eggs) and you have to throw them near to the jack (a small white ball - like a rabbit?). The person who gets closest, gets a point. You play until five points. We also played Washoes. Randy introduced the game to the island. A minute to learn, but a lifetime to master. The goal is to get your washer into one of the three holes. The closest hole is one point, the middle hole is three points and the farthest hole is five points. The first team to 21 wins. Jeff was on FIRE with the washoes. Jeff and Sharon beat every team at least once. It was amazing to watch. He might go pro. Overall, it was a great day, in fact it was one of the better weekends in awhile - limited rain, not too humid and got to hang out with friends all weekend long. Fa'a Samoa.

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Aaron Masser said...

I'm willing to admit that I am the shittiest washoes player at the moment.