Saturday, January 13, 2007

Screen on the Green

Many major cities have "Screen on the Green" programs where a movie is played on a large screen in an open area (like a park) and people picnic while watching the movie. The idea has now come to Am. Sam. or at least to Palagi Village. It is easy to do, you just need a borrowed projector, a DVD player, some speakers, the side of house and a couple of Argentinians to set it up. The rain stayed away, and the majority of bugs. Most of us sat on chairs, but I actually got a seat in the balcony. No extra charge, but I did have to carry it from inside and onto the top of the truck. Best seats in the house (or yard). At one point we thought we might get shut down cause the police drove by, but they simply turned on their speakers and wished us a good night. I think it helps when you have the Public Defenders office, a couple Assistant Attorney Generals and a clerk of the High Court in the audience.

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