Sunday, January 21, 2007

Fight Club

Saturday's entertainment should be filed under things I would normally not do, but for being in Am. Sam. A group attended Last Man Standing II (The Rock's Best of the Best). It is a multiple round amateur boxing contest. I was not sure I wanted to go because watching grown men beat each other is normally not high on my to do list. However, a combination of limited entertainment on island and peer pressure got me to go. I was also intrigued when I saw the ticket. Not sure what the Touch Man Challenge would have entailed, but I think the evening would have been completely different then the Tough Man Challenge that was actually held. Regardless, I am sure glad I went. Without sounding to blood thirsty, watching grown men beat each other (especially in Am. Sam.) is a good time. However, it is a good time more for the comedic value then the actual fighting. It started with the boxers themselves, or at least the nicknames. How can you not cheer for Faitalia "Big Boom" Johnson or Sitino "The Fijian Sledgehammer" Tavisa? Fan favorites included Suma "The Killa" Tupolo and Tolu "Good Samaritan" Lafele. Beyond the nicknames, the boxers' headgear kept coming off in the middle of the rounds. I guess they don't make Velcro like they use to. Of course, the evening would not be complete without the catering dish dinner (one serving) for the people at the VIP tables, which sadly did not include us.
The actual fighting was also entertaining.The contest started with sixteen boxers. I picked Folau "Bobjay" Nofogata to go far, he didn't. Each match was three, one minute, rounds. Which does not sounds like a ton of time, but most of the boxers were sucking wind by Round 3. Which made the final rounds pretty funny, with the boxers walking around not really wanted to fight anymore. For example, we thought the match between Siaosi "Rocky" Misionare versus Ma'a "Knockout King" Peni Galea'i would end badly for Rocky given the size difference. However, the KO King was out of breath by Round 2, and Round 3 was not pretty. In a different fight, we even saw a knockout. After the first round of matches, it was narrowed down to eight, then four and then finally two - Fai "Hulkamania" Fiso v. Siaosi "Rocky" Misionare. Hulkamania was able to pull it out in the end - even with a bloody face - that is dedication. Not sure if I am going to any fights back on the mainland, but if Last Man Standing III is held while I am still on island, count me in.

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