Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Ben's Last Night in Town

Unfortunately, the Argentinians are dropping like flies. First Sebas went to Hawaii for University, Maximo is leaving for Western Samoa soon, and now the youngest, Ben, is leaving for the homeland to start high school.A group of us decided that before he left, we should have a poker night. Ben has attended many a poker nights and has been very successful. While Ben is only 15, I firmly believe we are not corrupting a minor. If Ben actually lost, that would be corruption, but the kid is really good, so it is all kosher. We had one last night to try to win back some of our money that Ben has been able to win from us over the past few months. However, many of us thought that we would just be giving some extra travel money to him.

The game was Texas Hold'em, but it is tournament style - which means we have timed rounds which control the amount of the bids. Nate has a fancy computer program that does all of this for us, I am not sure how it works, but I don't have to know, so that is fine with me. We started with about a dozen people.(not all pictured, I can count). The final two ended up being Maximo and Emily, with Emily winning in a bold bluff calling.Sadly, Ben was knocked out early, guess lady luck was just not with him. However, she gave me a big kiss. I finished third, my best finish yet. Gambling is illegal in Am. Sam. and of course, we just play poker for fun, but if we did for example use a $10 buy-in with $10 rebuys before the ninth round, I would have won 34 bucks. sweet.

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