Saturday, January 27, 2007

Men v. Women

Last night Kim Keyser hosted a Game Night for a bunch of people . Sadly, Mike (her husband) was off-island, but she pulled off a good time even without him. They live in a western style house in Am. Sam. It was very weird to be in a two story house, with real walls and furniture. As the title of the evening suggested, we played a bunch of games. One game, Guesstures, was a highlight of the evening.It is basically a fancy game of charades. For me it was both entertaining and informative on the differences between men and women. While a game of Guesstures might not be the most scientific method to examine the innate differences between the sexes, it does provide some insight. We decided to play men against women. This was the men's first mistake. We played about six or seven rounds of the game, playing to 15 points (one point per correctly guessed charade). The most points the men ever got in a round was 11. The men would normally get perhaps one or two charades a turn, the women were getting about four words. As an example of the men's horrible skill level, we never got the word "downhill" - we kept shouting "hilldown" - not sure what "hilldown" is, but we were convinced that was the right word. I will not even discuss our attempt to get the word "Pipe" - just sad. Meanwhile, the women got words such as "Girdle" in about 2 seconds. Near the end of the game, the women started guess for us, I think they felt bad for us - this was the same round that we got 11 points. While I will not make a guess (or guessture) as to what this all means, I think it provides some evidence that some innate difference exists between men and women. I am looking forward to someone getting their Ph.D. on the differences between men and women using the game of Guessture as the basis of their test. Or perhaps it means nothing and simply that Nate, Randy, Sean, Steve and I are really bad at charades.

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