Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Nippon Maru

Our last cruise ship for the season visited Am Sam today - it was the MS Nippon Maru. It was the first time a Japanese cruise ship visited Am Sam. My friend Sharon, who speaks Japanese, was very excited, but sadly, she got stuck at work and was not able to practice her language skills. News reports indicate that it was "not easy" to convince the Japanese to visit. According to a member of our Tourism Office, the Japanese "are very particular, very fussy and they want to make sure that things occurred as scheduled or on time." Things occurring on time in Am Samoa? Ha. That is a good one. No wonder it took forever to con, um, convince them to visit.
I am sure they will visit again, especially after our Governor gave them a kava bowl and then played on their piano - I guess he is pretty good.
I do hope they come back, cause any ship that as a song about it, must rock...

SSEAYP's Nippon Maru Song
Lyric and Music by Augusto Francisco Jasmin Meyer

Nippon Maru , sailing the blue , blue ocean.
Riding the waves over the deep blue sea.
Can you tell me how much you can cover a day?
Can you tell me how long you have gone with the purpose of bringing together young heart and mind?

Nippon Maru , sailing the blue , blue ocean chasing the wind over the deep blue sea.
Can you take me with you to the ports of the world with the message of love and peace?
Can you take me to the nations where caring is only a word to say?

If you carry us over and out to the world.
There's a chance we can speak to them all.
There's a chance we can tell them the world's but home and all people's family!

(repeat first two verses , then fade away)

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