Friday, May 04, 2007

Guys & Dolls

The students of Am Sam's Community College staged a production of "Guys & Dolls" on Thursday and Friday. Being a glutton for punishment (still having nightmares about the Nutcracker production by ASCC), I talked a group of us into going on Thursday. I was pleasantly surprised. We had the smart idea of getting the "VIP" seats - an extra $5, yes we are high rollers. It was well worth it cause we were actually able to see the stage. We also got a commemorative program (the others were not in color, suckers) and a free room temperature bottle of water, which was very important because they did not stop for intermission or anything else - three hours with no stops. Not a fan of sitting on a folding chair for three hours. ouch. The star of the show, in my humble opinion, was Jessica Afuola who played Adelaide. Many of the performers had really great voices, others, not so much. They did go hi-tech with headset microphones, but they had not figured out to control their breathing, so at times it sounded like Darth Vader was in the production due to the heavy breathing. I enjoyed reading the program because it gave little bios for each of the performers as well as their motivation for being the production. The best one was the guy who joined the play "because he haven't been doing anything good in school." Outstanding. The dance scenes were amazing - very well done. At times, it was hard to focus on the main performers because they had the entire cast walking behind them,I guess in an attempt to simulate a busy New York City street. The props were also not always to scale. I think the hot dog is as big as his head. Nevertheless, it was a really good performance, and you could tell the students worked very hard. Overall, I think everyone enjoyed their time at the Hot Box.
The sign actually lights up. Awesome.


chief said...

Did Naomi just get done doing 100 push ups? She looks like she could bench press a small car.

Aaron Masser said...

Congratulations on getting published but especially at such a fine school as UW!

Anonymous said...

Hey! Who is this "chief" and why is he/she so surprised at my seriously impressive guns?

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