Thursday, May 17, 2007

Man's Best Friend

Am Sam has its share of wild dogs, and some are better then others. I have now acquired my own set. I have always had a special place in my heart for my Samoan neighbor's dog, Roscoe.Well, that is once he stopped barking and growling at me. About two months ago, two new dogs showed up in my yard. I had some extra food, so I fed them one day. They haven't left since that time. At first they were still a bit skittish, but now they don't even move when I get home. They also like to dig holes in my garden/dirt strip and lay in the them, which kinda makes a mess of the house, when the wind blows in the dirt. However, they are decent guard dogs cause they still bark at strangers, as well as my neighbors. They also get along well with Roscoe, so they can't be that bad. But I think they still pick fights with the other dogs in the hood, but those dogs are mean, so they are just asking for it. I was going to name them Sidetracks and Cocktails to go with Roscoe (my Chicago friends should get that joke), but thought those names were too long - so now I just call them Blackie and Brownie. I recently noticed that Blackie's belly is hanging a little low - I think she is going to have a late mother's day. Mommy, can I keep the puppy, please!!!

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Philip Murphy said...

You've given them much better names than our poor neighborhood dogs... "Stinky," "Speedbump," and the recently departed, "Butternut."