Monday, February 26, 2007

An Almost Perfect Weekend

My life is pretty sweet. Friday, left work a little before 3 pm. Played golf with a bunch of friends, and it didn't rain on us. I actually played well, and most of the greens had grass on them (instead of the usual mixture of dirt and sand). That night, went out to dinner to "Famous III" - a Chinese restaurant. The Kung Pao chicken had flavor, and the green peppers tasted like green peppers and the chicken was actual chicken and not chicken parts.
Played some poker on Saturday night. Sadly, I did not win, but Jeff did win. It was the third time Jeff had ever played poker, let alone Texas Hold'em. Even the people playing against him in the final round wanted him to win - his story could be a NBC movie of the week - just wash out the degenerate gamblers.
Sunday night went over to the Keysers' for dinner. They made a bean casserole and potato casserole that blew my mind. We were warned a head of time about the mind blowing, but didn't really believe it until I tried it. They also have a pool table - amazing what some people can find in Am. Sam. I also got to ride in Emily's new convertible, pretty sweet. I didn't even mention the perfect weather this weekend - while a little hot, I'll take 90 degree weather in February. To top it all off - they had lettuce at the store.
Yup, my life is pretty sweet.

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