Thursday, March 01, 2007

West Side Story

My street is currently in the middle of a dog fight - not aerial combat, but literally, wild dogs fighting. It started with the departure of Mr. & Mrs. Kava. Ed the Dog, the smartest dog you may ever meet, hung around their house. Once the Kavas left, we wanted to try to attract her to our street. If you are going to have wild dogs in the neighborhood, Ed is the one you want. She also runs with "Grandpa" and "Dirty Petunia" who are not as cool as Ed, but what are you going to do. We started enticing her with food, Fred actually bought real dog food. Ed didn't know what to do with that stuff, but once Grandpa had some (he will eat anything), Ed was okay with it. Well our plan worked - they are chilling by the Castros on a regular basis. But our current street dogs were none to pleased about Ed's posse moving in on their territory. Hence the current fighting. Grandpa took one in the ear and Dirty used a different tacit. And Ed, well she is just Ed

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