Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Winter Olympics in Am. Sam!?!

You may not realize that Am. Sam. has a National Olympic Committee, well, it does. If I was around in 2008, I might be in line for a place in Beijing. Seriously. My neighbor might go for swimming. Anyway. I am not sure how, but it turns out that Am. Sam. has been picked to host the meeting where the three finalist (Pyeong Chang, South Korea; Salzburg, Austria; and Sochi Russia) for 2014 Winter Olympics will present their bids to the Oceania National Olympic Committee. Let me say that again, the three finalist for the 2014 Winter Olympics will be presenting their bids in Pago Pago. Not Sydney, Auckland, or even Palau. Pago Pago, American Samoa. We can't get lettuce on a regular basis (and now even mayonnaise) on the island, but we are going to host a bid presentation. I guess they have to meet somewhere and we did have that two man bobsled team in Calagry for the 1994 Winter Olympics. Go figure. I am rooting for Pyeong Chang cause that is the area where I went "skiing" while in Korea for Christmas - I sure hope they learn how to make snow before 2014. yikes.

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