Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Love Boat

We might not have much, but cruise ships seem to enjoy our lava rock. Over the next few weeks we could get as many as seven cruise ships docking in Pago Pago. However, the motherload landed yesterday - the Queen Mary 2. This was QM2 maiden voyage to Am. Sam. The ship can carry a little over 3,000 passengers and has over 1,000 crew members. It has a planetarium! It is over 1,000 feet long (twice as long as the Washington Monument) and about 236 feet high. It dwarfed over Pago Pago. It even made Rainmaker Mountain look tiny. While all of these new palagis explored the island, we tried to figure out ways to get aboard. We were unsuccessful. The news reported that three passengers from the ship got into a taxi at the harbor and asked to be taken to an air-conditioned mall. Unfortunately, the driver did not really understand them, so he took them to the local hardware store where they could buy an air-conditioner. Oops. I am not sure what is funner that the driver took them to the hardware store or that they were looking for a mall in Am. Sam., forget the fact that they wanted it air-conditioned. Silly palagis.

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