Sunday, December 10, 2006

World Cup Soccer

In a surprise move, I did not go to a beach this weekend. shocking. Instead, I went to a soccer game. A couple of friends are in a soccer league and the finals were on Saturday. The team is sponsored by Pacific Products - the Argentine family's business on the island. The team won big in the semi-final round. The other team was a bit nasty. They brought their own annoying fan to shout profanities on the sidelines - to the referees and our team - including encouraging her team to kick our goalie in the face when he dove for the ball. She was a sweet lady. Her team actually took her advice and after our team made a really great goal, one player punched our player in the head. Supposedly, the referees did not see it, so no foul was called. The poor vision of the referees to fouls appears to be theme when our palagi team goes against a Samoan team. Through out the game, the players were really playing rough, with unnecessary tripping and hitting as well as a little choking near the end of the game. I think my favorite was that the other team's name is Peace Boys. Perhaps they need to rethink that name. Our team made it to the finals, but suffered a tough loss.
It was another hot day, and I have no idea how they could play in the heat - the game started at 2 pm - and the sun was out in full force. I was sweating a ton just watching them. yikes. I did learn that a beach umbrella does not provide much protection from the sun - got another sunburn. After so many years of having translucent skin, I am use to the burns, but my friends are not - I think they are in worse pain looking at the sunburn then I am having it. oh well.
While I did not go to the beach, I did go to a barbecue on Saturday, so everything is right with the world. The second lesson I learned that day (or actually the next morning) is that beer is not a good substitute for water after a long day in the sun. alas.

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