Sunday, December 03, 2006

One Hot Weekend

I realize that most of the United States is suffering under blizzard conditions, but while it is winter for them, it is summer here - and it is getting HOT. My thermometer inside my house (in the shade). ouch.
Saturday was spent at the Castro's place watching the Island Music Channel on Samoan Cable. Island Music Channel is like MTV when it first came out - when it still played videos. It is also similar to earlier MTV in that most of the videos are from the early 80s and 90s. Awesome. Where else can one see Michael Jackson's Billie Jean, Devo and Tone-Loc without a time machine? Niki also made her famous four layer dip with jalapeno peppers - perhaps not the best food choice, but darn it is good.

The big adventure of the day was the trip to the airport to pick up the Colettis from their New Zealand vacation. The airport is about five minutes from home and they were waiting at the curb, so the adventure was not that big, but it gives a sense of my day if that is my big adventure. Dinner was at Ryan & Cynthia's with authentic pesto sauce made by a real Italian (Barbara). The day was capped off with a party at the Argentine's compound with performers from the Magic Circus as special guests. Brilliant.

Still hot on Sunday so Sharon, Ginny and I decided to go to Airport Beach. It is so named cause it is right next to the airport. It is a little bit of a hike to get to it going through some vegetation and lava rocks including blow holes. - and with Sharon in the lead it is more like the Baton Death March, boy she is fast, but the payoff is worth it. It is a secluded lagoon that is deep enough to swim, even at low tide. After a few hours, we decided to head back and took the shortcut next to the airport fence. My fun fact for the day was that I learned that a water polo ball, if positioned correctly, can be used as an effective floatation device.While it might be hot here, you guys can keep the snow and the cold, and I will just have another bottle of Gatorade and sit closer to the fan.

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