Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Lawyers Celebrate Christmas

The American Samoan Bar Association hosted their annual Christmas Party last night. It was held at Sadie's - which is one of the classier restaurants on island - even classier then Hong Kong House. Niki organized the whole thing, dinner and drinks, and it was a lot of fun and a great end to a busy week at the High Court.

The highlight of the evening was the musical performance after dinner. One of the lawyers organized a pot of money (close to $60) to encourage other lawyers to sing. However, I think it was Alice, one of the High Court clerks, shouting out names demanding that they perform that did the trick. If a lawyer wants to get anything done at the High Court, you need to go through Alice, so you don't want to mess with Alice.

Some of the lawyers had some real talent including my co-clerk Sean. That guy can sing. Other lawyers, not so much, but everyone had fun. One guy even played the harmonica. Alice got the High Court staff including myself to do a musical number as well - it wasn't pretty. We actually won the pot of money - I think it was fixed, forget Alice, no one wants to mess with the entire High Court. I didn't get my cut, cause they gave all the money to another lawyer who just had a baby. Now that is the Christmas spirit.

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