Thursday, December 21, 2006

Next Stop Korea

For the holidays, I am going to South Korea. I leave tonight for my 22 hour journey from Am. Sam. (via Hawaii) to Korea - can't wait. At first blush, perhaps a bit random, but in fact my best friend now lives in Seoul. He is with the Foreign Commercial Service and works at the embassy. I am not sure what he does - something to do with trade - but I do know that he has diplomatic immunity (including fancy license plates) and now has some important friends.Pretty cool, huh. I will be in Korea for about two weeks. I have a genuine fear of frostbite because it is around 40 degrees in Seoul compared to 90 degrees in Pago Pago. yikes. I did bring a sweater. I am sure that will be enough, right? I think we might go skiing. I am in trouble. Wish me luck.


Gabe Bowne said...

Hey, I came accross your blog on Google. I was a law clerk in AS in 2004-05. It looks from your photos that you are living in the house that my wife and I lived in during that year (with the South Pacific poster we put up!).

I am working and living in Newport Beach, CA. My co-clerk (Adam Clanton - the who you interviewed with) is living and working in Portland.

I enjoyed reading your blog and revisiting some of the memories of living on the island.

How are things going down there?

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