Saturday, March 03, 2007


Everyone loves a good old fashion surprise party. It is no different in Am Sam. Kim organized a surprise party for her hubby Mike's 30th Birthday. I think the most impressive part of the surprise party was that everyone actually showed up on time - that is an amazing feat for us. Mike aka King Keyser was very surprised - we were lucky that he had stuff in his hands, cause I think he might have taken a swing at one of us believing he were robbers. Having a party at the Keyser is pretty cool. They live in the "Beverly Hills" section of Am Sam. No fake walls for them, they even have a second floor. More importantly for us, they have a pool table. Of course when you get the group together, we normally end up playing Texas Hold'em. Guess who won? Me. Sweet. It was pretty cool to end up with $80 at the end of the night - gambling is illegal in Am Sam so of course this is just hypothetical money. Right. It was one of our longer games - we finally finished around 4:15 am. yes, am. The final two was the birthday boy and me. Perhaps I should have allowed the birthday boy to win, but he did get cake for his birthday - and technically, it was not his birthday anymore. I sure hope this does not impact future invites to the Keyser's place.

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