Sunday, October 01, 2006

Coconut Point

Our (the coletti family and me) regular Saturday beach adventure took us to Coconut Point. We had only heard rumors of Coconut Point mainly from a 13 year old Samoan kid, but what the heck. We made the turn off the main road and the road quickly became very narrow. As we drove, we were lucky to pass another car. We asked the driver who we should ask to get permission to swim in the area because we were right next to a Samoan village and you should always asked permission (it is just the polite thing to do). Well, the driver actually called the guy we needed to talk to and asked for us. It was granted. We parked on the side and walked through a small path in the jungle to get to the beach. Like most Samoan beaches - it was tiny, had a lot of trash and basically disappeared at high tide. However, it was still wonderful. The water was really clear. It was more like a river because the current ran from left to right and could really move you along. It was nothing like Ofu's ava, so it was enjoyable and not life threatening swimming. I finally bought my own snorkel gear (I had been borrowing others) and spent a lot of time looking at the fish. The water was only about waist deep, so you could just bend over with your gear and look at the fish. I am still impressed with the amount of fish so close to the shore. They are mainly tiny little guys - like pet size, but they vary in color and shape. At Coconut Point, I mainly saw "Zebra" fish - not sure if that is the proper name, but they look like zebras with gills. I also saw some "dinner size" fish that were all white. After snorkeling, Jaydn and I started to build some sand castles. I must admit I am sorely out of practice and my castles looked more like mounds of sand with shells, but what the heck, it was still a ton of fun.

Rainmaker Mountain and me.

After Coconut Point, we headed to a local gas station because rumor had it that they had the best ice cream on the island. I realize that gas station and amazing ice cream are not normally associated with each other, but this is Samoa. Regardless of the location, the rumors were true. They had twelve flavors - amazing in the first place and then it tasted soo good. I had a hazelnut type chocolate. good times. Oh, and a big scope and cone - only a dollar. that is just crazy.

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Unknown said...

We lived in Coconut Point for a short time, in 1985, myself, my husband, who worked for Starkist, and our 2 children. It was an experience you cannot duplicate. We came from the life we had in Canada to this small island iin the South Pacific for 3 years.