Saturday, June 07, 2008


Shockingly (at least to me), it has been ten months since I left Am Sam. Some days it feels like it was yesterday and others like it was a lifetime ago. Before I left, I told Moi that if he married Polu within the year of my departure, I would return to the Rock. Well, he called my bluff and they got married on May 30. He is really in love with Polu, so I think that had something to do with them getting married beyond wanting me to return to the island. I spent about ten days in Am Sam - and if I say so myself - it was awesome. When I arrived at the airport, immigration went really fast, and my bags were the first ones to arrive - which is a small miracle for the Pago Pago International Airport. Even better, my friends met me at the airport - with new T-shirts saying "Weave is Risen" and more importantly - some big Vailimas. I knew it was going to be a great week. The first weekend was Moi's bachelor party - I am prohibited from blogging about most of it - I will say - it was hilarious, Phil Murphy is a trooper, the song Stand by Me will never be the same for me and New Guy welcomed me back to the island by throwing up on me. good times. During the week, I visited the High Court, enjoyed the local cuisine - two new restaurants opened on the island - Carl's Jr. and Rose Garden (a Chinese place), and caught up with all my friends. It was a little strange to be back - it was all familiar - the wild dogs, the slow driving, the bad beer and food, but with new palagis. Also Nate, New Guy and the Lady live on the east side - they have great places - right on the water with decent beach area (for Am Sam). I spent many, many, many hours in that water. The wedding itself was great. Polu was beautiful and I think everyone had a great time. As is tradition - the couples all wore matching outfits. TNG is so Barney, he doesn't know how Barney he is....
The Lt. Governor even made it to the wedding - I am glad he found time to go since he is busy being Lt. Governor and fighting federal corruption charges. The FBI agents who help build the case against him were also at the wedding. Aw-Kward. After the wedding we went to "Haz-Matts" place (a new palagi) for post-party. At the end of the trip, I was sad to leave the island and at times thought about staying - but how could I pass up another Chicago winter, working 12-14 hours a day at Big Law Firm and wearing shoes instead of sandals and a man skirt. Oh no, I have made a horrible mistake! No plans for future visits, but I have learned never to say never...


Sean, Jessi and Jaydn Coletti said...

Well done, Mike. I'm jealous.

Aaron Masser said...

How about we have a post about your new job and house and Chicago eh?

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Meghan said...

I'm currently applying for one of the clerkship positions in American Samoa and was wondering if it would be possible to chat with you about your experience? (I wasn't sure how to contact you besides leaving you a comment!) ... if you would be willing to do so - you can e-mail me at

Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!

S said...

Talofa! I just read your blog and wanted to pick your brain for some land questions in American Samoa. If you still visit your blog will you email me, I would love some direction. Much Alofa's.... sonya

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